TR 47:2016

Technical Reference for IoT reference architecture for Smart Nation


Aims to specify a technology-independent reference architecture in support of the development of specific architectures for applications or systems for IoT or sensor networks which are interoperable with each other through a set of well-defined interfaces to achieve seamless data exchange and information use. Describes the following:
– an IoT reference framework;
– a set of design principles;
– a set of general architectural requirements;
– an IoT reference model; and
– an IoT reference architecture (IoT RA).
Does not prescribe any specific method for implementing IoT systems and does not recommend any specific standards for implementation.




Status Withdrawn - 10 Mar 2023
Edition 2016
No. of Pages 41
ICS Classification 35.240.01 Application of information technology in general
Committee Information Technology Standards Committee
Available for Purchase unknown
Adoption -