SS 688-2:2022

Oil spill dispersants – Part 2: Application of dispersants


This Singapore Standard provides oil spill responders including the lead government agency, supporting government agencies, supporting commercial organisations, private sector oil spill response organisations and the oil industry, oil spill clean-up organisations and ship owners with technical information on the usage of dispersants for combating oil spills within Singapore Port Limits and approaches to the port.

This standard covers areas such as dispersant classification, mechanism of chemical dispersion, factors affecting dispersant application, dispersant performance testing, stockpiling consideration and health and safety concerns. This standard also addresses environmental concerns by providing provisions for decision making in the usage of dispersants. The key objectives of oil spill responses are to protect human health and safety, minimise environmental impacts and restore the environment as near as practicable to pre-spill conditions.




Status Current
Edition 2022
No. of Pages 24
ICS Classification 13.020.01 Environment and environmental protection in general
13.020.30 Environmental impact assessment
13.020.40 Pollution, pollution control and conservation
Committee Chemical Standards Committee
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