TR 92:2021

Design guidelines for additive manufactured parts


This Technical Reference (TR) provides users with specific design considerations and information for the commonly used additive manufacturing (AM) processes such as laser-based powder bed fusion of metals (PBF-LB/M), fused deposition modelling (FDM), and direct energy deposition (DED).

This TR predominantly focuses on PBF-LB/M while including information on FDM and DED to ensure comprehensiveness. Users can refer to TR 70 and SS 666 for information on AM parts testing and qualification requirements.

Apart from the general pros and cons of AM processes, this TR also provides additional details such as operating conditions and design considerations for safety and reliability critical items to mitigate or remove any design risk at the pre-design phase. This information helps to reduce the lead time, reduce the cost for design including amendments after finalising the design and prevent design errors which may cause serious injuries.

This TR aids the target audience in identifying the general guidelines and identification of issues. Design specifications have not been included in this TR as they should be decided by professionals such as designers and engineers in accordance to their part applications.




Status Current
Edition 2021
No. of Pages 40
ICS Classification 25.030 Additive manufacturing
Committee Manufacturing Standards Commitee
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