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CP 99:2003

Code of practice for industrial noise control (Replaced by SS 657)


Provides information on industrial noise control by engineering means such as barriers, enclosures, absorbers, damping materials, silencers and isolators. Complements the Factories (Noise) Regulations in recommending measures to control noise and prevent noise-induced deafness. With reference to proper noise criteria, applies to all industrial workplaces except for construction and demolition sites which have been covered by CP 49 - 'Code of practice for noise control on construction and demolition sites'. Excludes community noise, transportation noise, construction noise and noise from public entertainment.

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Status Withdrawn - 11 May 2020
Edition 2003
No. of Pages 91
ICS Classification 13.140 Noise with respect to human beings
Committee Quality and Safety Standards Committee
Available for Purchase unknown
Adoption -