TR 101:2022

Guidelines on airworthiness of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)


This TR contains a set of technical guidelines intended primarily for the airworthiness verification of multi-rotor UAS with a maximum take-off mass (MTOM) between 1.5 kg and 25 kg that are operated outdoors under the following conditions:

a) Within visual line-of-sight or extended visual line-of-sight;
b) Within segregated airspace at an altitude not exceeding 200 ft (60 m). above ground level (AGL), and outside 5 km of aerodromes;
c) During the daytime;
d) Single operator to single UAS direct command and control only; and
e) No over-flying of public or uninvolved personnel.

This TR does not cover unmanned aircraft (UA) with a MTOM of less than 1.5 kg because there is a consensus that UA below this mass generally pose lesser safety risk.

The following are not covered in this TR:

a) Airworthiness verification guidelines for fixed-wing aeroplane and powered-lift UAS;
b) Night-time operations;
c) Fully autonomous operations;
d) Beyond visual line-of-sight operations;
e) Operations within non-segregated and controlled airspace;
f) Cybersecurity requirements.




Status Current
Edition 2022
No. of Pages 18
ICS Classification 49.020 Aircraft and space vehicles in general
Committee Manufacturing Standards Commitee
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