TR 68-1:2021

Autonomous vehicles – Part 1 : Basic behaviour


This TR gives the provisions relating to the DDT and behaviour controlled by an AV’s ADS and AV occupant information and support systems. It covers the following:

a) Conduct of autonomous driving, including but not limited to, vehicle-to-vehicle interactions;

b) Interpretation of road signs, markings and traffic signals;

c) Management of non-transferable rules;

d) The interface functions between an AV and any occupants; and

e) Communication flows between an AV, any occupants and external stakeholders, including but not limited to, pedestrians and other drivers.

This TR covers the key directives for automated driving, in order to provide safety and maintain traffic movement. It provides the rules that apply to automated driving and proposes the development of a set of such rules (the rulebook) which will apply in the case of any conflict of rules. The TR also describes how to deal with the capability limitations of AVs regarding rule compliance. Furthermore, it proposes a continual process of improvement, including the refinement of the rulebook and the database of validation scenarios.

The TR does not include the following:

a) Interface design elements, hardware or software between an AV and any occupants including the human safety driver;

b) Rules relating to non-driving tasks and longer term tactical cognitive functions such as route planning;

c) Communication or signalling software or hardware between the AV and external stakeholders, including but not limited to, pedestrians and other drivers, which extends beyond use of standard vehicle equipment, including lighting and horn, as described in the existing driving rules.


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Status Current
Edition 2021
No. of Pages 124
ICS Classification 03.100.70 Management systems
43.020 Road vehicles in general
Committee Manufacturing Standards Commitee
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