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TR IEC/TR 62443-2-3:2018

Security for industrial automation and control systems – Part 2-3: Patch management in the IACS environment


Describes requirements for asset owners and industrial automation and control system (IACS) product suppliers that have established and are now maintaining an IACS patch management program.

Rrecommends a defined format for the distribution of information about security patches from asset owners to IACS product suppliers, a definition of some of the activities associated with the development of the patch information by IACS product suppliers and deployment and installation of the patches by asset owners. The exchange format and activities are defined for use in security related patches; however, it may also be applicable for non-security related patches or updates.

Does not differentiate between patches made available for the operating systems (OSs), applications or devices. Does not differentiate between the product suppliers that supply the infrastructure components or the IACS applications; it provides guidance for all patches applicable to the IACS. Additionally, the type of patch can be for the resolution of bugs, reliability issues, operability issues or security vulnerabilities.




Status Current
Edition 2018
No. of Pages 70
ICS Classification 25.040.40 Industrial process measurement and control
35.040.40 Coding of audio, video, multimedia and hypermedia information
35.100.05 Multilayer applications
Committee Manufacturing Standards Commitee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption IEC/TR 62443-2-3 : 2015 IDT