Geragogy guidelines on training senior learners


This standard provides guidance to persons, in particular trainers, involved in coaching and training seniors on how they can alleviate the learning barriers for senior learners for a more effective and fruitful interactive engagement. It covers the following:
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(a) Common learning characteristics of senior learners and the strategies that cater to the corresponding needs.
(b) General strategies to adopt when preparing for and conducting training programmes for senior learners.
(c) Desirable characteristics and disposition of the trainer.
The standard is relevant in both formal and informal settings, and applicable for both physical and online programmes with interactive learning. It is applicable for interactive engagements and programmes targeted at senior learners and can be used as a reference for trainers to interact better with senior learners. This standard can also be used as an introductory resource to prepare individuals for positions requiring interactive engagement with seniors.
Potential users of the standard include training partners, healthcare service providers, institutes of higher learning, community service providers, training providers or organisations that engage seniors, and relevant government agencies.




Status Draft
Edition 2022
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