ISO 2685:1998

Aircraft — Environmental test procedure for airborne equipment — Resistance to fire in designated fire zones


This International Standard specifies the tests conditions applied to all components, equipments and structures located in zones designated as "fire zones" and built to satisfy the minimum specified level for resistance to fire.

Two grades of resistance to fire are applicable to components, equipments and structures.

Annexes A and B give details of the types of burners providing the standard flame and how they shall be used.

This International Standard does not relate to the resistance to fire outside designated fire zones, nor to flammability requirements, nor to those conditions induced by the flame coming from the combustion chamber.


General Information

Status Current
Edition 1998
No. of Pages 29
ICS Classification 49.020 Aircraft and space vehicles in general
Committee ISO/TC 20
Available for Purchase For sale in Singapore only
Adoption ISO