ISO/TR 20218-2:2017

Robotics — Safety design for industrial robot systems — Part 2: Manual load/unload stations


ISO/TR 20218-2:2017 is applicable to robot systems for manual load/unload applications in which a hazard zone is safeguarded by preventing access to it. For this type of application, it is important to consider the need for both access restrictions to hazard zones and for ergonomically suitable work places.

ISO/TR 20218-2:2017 supplements ISO 10218-2:2011 and provides additional information and guidance on reducing the risk of intrusion into the hazard zones in the design and safeguarding of manual load/unload installations.




Status Current
Edition 2017
No. of Pages 14
ICS Classification 25.040.30 Industrial robots. Manipulators
Committee ISO/TC 299
Available for Purchase For sale in Singapore only
Adoption ISO