SS 690:2022

Guidelines on food safety and good hygiene practices for the vending industry


This Singapore Standard covers the hygiene guidelines for design, installation and maintenance of machine, and operations, which include the supply and replenishment of food and related accessories, for the following categories of food vending machines:

(a) Machines vending pre-packed shelf-stable food products, irrespective if the food products are sold at ambient temperature (e.g. confectionery and snacks sold at ambient temperature) or at chilled temperature (e.g. canned and bottled drinks sold at chilled temperature).

(b) Machines vending juices and beverages that are prepared on-site (e.g. freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly brewed ground coffee).

(c) Machines vending both hot and cold beverages from powdered ingredients or syrups.

(d) Temperature-controlled machines vending individually wrapped ice cream and pre-packed products such as milk and milk products.

(e) Temperature-controlled machines vending ready-to-eat food items such as pizzas, toasted sandwiches or pre-packed meals. The machine may vend these food items frozen, chilled or hot.

This standard is intended for vending machines operators where there is a transaction at the point of sale. It could also be a useful guide for operators or suppliers of dispensing machines that do not have retail transactions.




Status Current
Edition 2022
No. of Pages 13
ICS Classification 67.020 Processes in the food industry
67.260 Plants and equipment for the food industry
Committee Food Standards Committee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption -