SS 628:2017

Specification for compost used in agriculture and horticulture


Specifies the requirements of local compost for use in agriculture and horticulture. Defines the minimum requirements of the physical, chemical, biological and labelling aspects for local composts derived from the compostable organic material for making informed purchasing decisions. Provides guidance on the sampling, labelling and test methods to be used to verify the quality requirements of a compost product. Also recommends the classification of local compost.

Covers products marketed or distributed as local compost. Applies to organic materials that have been treated by pasteurising or other composting procedures excluding organic fertilisers such as blood, bone, liquid organic wastes, liquid seaweed products and green wastes that have not been subjected to composting.




Status Current
Edition 2017
No. of Pages 17
ICS Classification 13.030.10 Solid wastes
65.020.20 Plant growing
65.080 Fertilizers
Committee Environment and Resources Standards Committee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption -