SS 661-A1 :2020

Specification for clean and green urban farms — Agriculture


The intent of this SS is to provide guidance to urban farms in establishing a clean and green urban agriculture production system. Adoption of this SS will enable urban farms to enhance their business competitiveness through optimising operational efficiency in a sustainable manner and to brand their farm products for market access.

This SS establishes requirements on farming techniques, practices and management of a production system to grow farm products that can be labelled as clean and green. Key performance indicators are included for farms to monitor their resource consumption and waste management, together with specifications for a quality, safe and clean product. Recommended practices are provided in Annex A. This SS is applicable to urban farms that produce terrestrial vascular plants as crops meant for consumption as vegetables, fruits, herbs, sprouts and condiments. As Singapore is a city-state, all local farms are considered urban farms in the context of this SS.




Status Current
Edition 2020
No. of Pages 35
ICS Classification 13.020.20 Environmental economics. Sustainability
65.020.20 Plant growing
Committee Food Standards Committee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption -