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TR IEC/TR 62443-3-1:2018

Industrial communication networks – Network and system security – Part 3-1: Security technologies for industrial automation and control systems


Provides a current assessment of various cybersecurity tools, mitigation counter-measures, and technologies that may effectively apply to the modern electronically based IACSs regulating and monitoring numerous industries and critical infrastructures. Describes several categories of control system-centric cybersecurity technologies, the types of products available in those categories, the pros and cons of using those products in the automated IACS environments, relative to the expected threats and known cyber vulnerabilities, and, most important, the preliminary recommendations and guidance for using these cybersecurity technology products and/or countermeasures.

The concept of IACS cybersecurity as applied in this technical report is in the broadest possible sense, encompassing all types of components, plants, facilities, and systems in all industries and critical infrastructures.




Status Current
Edition 2018
No. of Pages 115
ICS Classification 25.040.40 Industrial process measurement and control
35.040.40 Coding of audio, video, multimedia and hypermedia information
35.100.05 Multilayer applications
Committee Manufacturing Standards Commitee
Available for Purchase Global
Adoption IEC/TR 62443-3-1 : 2009 IDT